123 HP Envy 5530 Troubleshooting

123 HP Envy 5530 Troubleshooting Issues

Steps to clear the Paper Jam in Envy 5530:

Switch Off the power from your Envy 5530. Pull Cartridge access door upward to open it. Try to find the Paper Path shield and draw it out. Raise the duplexer cover and clear away paper jams. Reposition the duplexer to its original place and then push back the paper path cover to firmly fix to the printer. Next step is, locate the print carriage and slide the print head to the far right and examine for paper jam and to clear it. Now try sliding the print head again towards the far left and then find and remove the paper jams. Push Cartridge path door downward to close it. If paper jam problem is unresolved then disengage the Paper Tray and remove all the papers that is available. Now try to devise the Envy 5530 on its lateral left side and remove paper jams from paper tray. Access the clean out gap that exist between your control panel and paper tray to remove any torn pieces of paper. Next step is to place the Envy 5530 in its normal position and then load the A4 Sheets back to the paper tray. Now close the paper tray and then switch On the power for your Envy 5530.

Troubleshoot HP Envy 5530 Ink Cartridge hassles:

Initially use the Cancel press button to terminate the present print task. Next open the Cartridge path door and then unlatch cartridge from its tab. Remove all the Ink Cartridges and then using a dry swap to clean the electrical patch that is exhibited on gold color dots. Once finished with cleaning all Ink Cartridges then go ahead and find the electrical contact imprinted on the print head. Now use the dry swap to clean the print head electrical contact. Make sure that your ink cartridges are free from Plastic Flaps attached. You can now reinstall all ink cartridges to its default tabs. Close the Cartridge path door and then continue to print. For more troubleshooting, you can reboot the Envy 5530.

Troubleshoot 123 HP Envy 5530 Wireless Direct:

HP Print and Scan Doctor software troubleshooting utility aid in resolving the most often occurring wireless network failure. Make sure that your printer Wireless Direct is in standby mode. Also switch Wi-Fi ON in your Mobiles and only upon network authentication method try connecting with your printer. For achieving better Wi-Fi receptivity you can relocate Envy 5530 on proximity with networked devices. Essentially you should try to install the right version of HP AiO Remote Apps in your mobile to connect with your printer.

Resolve Envy 5530 shut down problem:

Check the Envy power source for an uninterrupted supply. Also check for the functioning ability of the Printer Power button. You can detach the power cable from power outlet and then wait until 15 seconds gets over. Now observe the power cable for any presence of spurious damage caused. You can now connect the power cord to the power outlet and then switch ON power. Finally indulge yourself in creating frequent interrupts on Envy 5530 to exit Sleep Mode operation.