123 HP Envy 5530 Driver Software Setup

Procedure to Install the HP Envy 5530 Printer Software on a Windows:

Open the CD Drive in your computer and load the Envy 5530 software disk for installation. Double click the CD Drive index to open it. Select Envy 5530 setup file and run the automatic installer. Follow on the screen display and promptly designate a name to your printer. Click Next button to proceed with the screen instruction and then to complete the installation process. Select from the list of Windows Versions to open HP Printer 5530 software:

  • Windows 10: Locate the corner left button available on your start screen and then Click it to find the Desktop programs and utilities. Double click the Envy 5530 program to open it
  • Windows 8: Right click an empty space in the screen display on a standby mode to select the popup App bar. Now Click All Apps and then open Envy 5530 program
  • Windows XP, Windows Vista version and Windows 7 OS: Click Start Menu and then click All Programs tab. Select HP folder and then locate printer folder to open it. Double click the Envy 5530 program to open it

Procedure to Install Envy 5530 Printer Software on a Macintosh:

Open the external CD Drive and then place the Envy 5530 CD and then close the CD Drive. Double click the CD Drive folder to open it. Now Click the Envy 5530 Auto Setup Program for an automatic installation. Follow on with the screen display to designate a name for your All-in-One. Click Next and proceed with the instruction set to complete the software setup.

Locate the Envy 5530 Software program in your start screen and then double click it. Click the File menu and click print option. Now try selecting from either of the options Use template or Print Using. Next select the Envy 5530 device else, create a printer setup name. Click Ok and then click Properties/Print options to access the Print Dialog. Now you may set values according to the print dialog that is available on different Macintosh versions from the following instructions:

  • Apple v10.6: Click from the list of blue disclosure triangle buttons to set values in the print dialog
  • Apple Lion OS & Mountain Lion OS: Click the Show Details Link that is available on the print dialog and then try to set values for your printer setup
  • For earlier Mac OS, your print dialog is present with a popup menu that contains different print settings enumerated.
  • You can select the Page Orientation and then select the paper layout. Also you may access Scaling Percentage and Size headings from the popup menu and then set values for your printer setup

123 HP Envy 5530 Switch Off:

Use the Power button to switch off Envy 5530 and then wait until the indicator light goes to off status. You can now unplug the Power cable. On rare incidents you might have switched off Power imperfectly, still your print carriage restricts itself from returning to its normal rest position and so your printer exhibits poor print quality and ink cartridge problems.