123 HP Envy 5530 Scanner Setup

Scanning on your computer is done via the printer displace or from the 123.hp.com/envy5530 printer software on your desktop. Check before starting the scan procedure

Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7: HP Envy 5530 series Press Start All programs.

  1. Select the Print & Scan icon from the HP Envy 5530 printer app, then press Scan a document or a picture.
  2. A shortcut menu is shown. Choose the scan type and then click Scan.
  3. Choose Done or Save as required.
  4. When the scan is completed, the document or image is sent to the destination.


When the image quality is scanned it is poor

  1. When the original document is too thin or white, it is possible that the text or image will spill on the other side.
  2. Clean the scanner glass and look for ink, stick, unwanted substance and fluid correction if you see unwanted lines in the scanned document.
  3. If the scanned image is crooked, check whether the original is properly loaded.
  4. If the scanned image displays blots, dots, vertical white stripes or unnecessary dots, the scanner glass is dirty. Clean the glass of the scanner.
  5. If the issue still persists, the original document may have defects.
  6. If the image size is decreased, the settings of the printer software can be set to decrease the quality.

If you can not search the network folder

  1. Make sure the computer that stores the network folder is on and connected to the network.
  2. You should have the folder that you built on the server.
  3. The contents of the folder can be read and written by users. SMB sharing should be allowed if you are using an Apple device.
  4. The name of the folder can only use letters or characters provided by the OS.
  5. The name of the folder should be in the right format.
  6. You will enter a correct username and password.
  7. The server that generates the folder should have free disk space.
  8. You can change the prefix if you have scanned several files in a similar folder.
  9. The printer will generate 9,999 files with different prefixes and suffixes of the same name.