123 HP Envy 5530 Scanner Setup Mac

Use the HP website to install the entire function driver and to connect the printer to the computer. The 2011 and later 2011 HP driver package supports all types of printer scanning functions.

123 HP Envy 5530 MAC OS X Scan Setup

HP Envy 5530 Scan configuration shows you how to first perform a scan setup on your Mac.

  1. First, visit 123.hp.com and enter the printer model and follow the instructions on the screen to download and run the program.
  2. Place the printed side on the glass of the scanner and close the scanner cover.
  3. Last, click the button Scan. Then pick your machine name and form of work to search.
  4. Now search the Mac to scan and pick HP Quick Scan.
  5. Next, pick your name from the scanner drop-down screen.
  6. Then, pick the job style scan from the menu presets, then press Scan.
  7. Now select Send in the lower right corner and click on the folder.
  8. Click Save after making the necessary adjustments.

123 HP Envy 5530 Scan documents from your Mac 

  1. Hold a paper on the scanner glass or the printed side of the photo and close the scanner cover.
  2. Now search the Mac to scan and pick HP Quick Scan.
  3. Choose your printer name from the scanner’s drop-down screen.
  4. Then, from the presets menu , select a job style scan and then press scan.
  5. Then you can edit the scanned object by clicking on the thumbnail in the left row. The colors can be changed, the scan can be straightened and the size reduced.
  6. Next, select to submit and click on folder in the bottom right corner.
  7. In the prefix field, you can also edit the file name and change the folder you want to save using the menu where.
  8. Click Save after making the necessary adjustments.
  9. Save multi page documents or images in one PDF format
  10. First, search the scan Mac and choose the result for HP Quick Scan.
  11. Then use the device for a document or photo download.
  12. If you have already used ADF to search several websites, proceed in the next section.
  13. If you use printing scanner glass, load your picture and page and scan all the photos and pages by selecting Next element Scan or Add.
  14. Then press submit and pick the tab.
  15. Next, select PDF from the file menu.
  16. Then use the menu to pick the folder to save the sample.
  17. Next, choose the checkbox next to the save file.
  18. Then, click Save.

HP Envy 5530 Scanning for email in MAC

  1. Next, ensure the following email authentication requirements before being scanned.
  2. First install and set up a local email client such as Apple mail on your machine.
  3. Then customize your local email client to search for web-based email accounts. See the local email support site for more information.
  4. Now start the scanning process based on your printer form.
  5. Select the applications from the Go menu after opening the finder.
  6. Double-click Record image first.
  7. Pick your printer from the computer or shared list and the information can be accessed by clicking the display information at the bottom of the page.
  8. Now, the following settings can be changed.
    1. Scan Mode
    2. To search
    3. Name Name
    4. Format

Then, click search. Download.

Displays HP Printer Relation error

If a connection or communication error is detected, check whether the appropriate driver is mounted, fix network problems and ensure the search for a computer link is allowed.

  • The following steps will help you to recognize troubleshooting problems.
  • Computer and printer restart.

Configuration of the HP driver:

The impression requires the HP driver to trigger the scan button on the printer. Then, by visiting 123.hp.com, install the driver and enter the printer model and follow the instructions to complete the 123.hp.com/envy5530 printer setup.

  1. You should use the HP driver: click System and Preferences first and then select printers and scan to change the AirPrint to the HP driver. Note the name next to the man.
  2. Scan to computer connection: Choose Scan to Computer from the utilities menu in the printers and scanners window to make the connection.