123 HP Envy 5530 Driver Firmware Installation

123 Envy 5530 Driver Firmware Installation

123 HP Envy 5530 is presented with a variety of web enabled print solutions which can be swiftly setup from the control panel. After the installation process you can go ahead and enable the respective Web Services for an immediate access. Wireless Direct Printing is achieved through ePrint service and HP AiO Mobile Apps. Now you can Print and also Scan documents On the Go. Your Print Apps is represented by Coupons, Tickets and Forms etc., that are of pre-formatted web contents. You can utilize Print Apps for achieving a lightning fast print and copy operation.

Use HP Printer Control Panel to Install the Envy 5530 Web Services:

Touch the tab that is available in the control panel to activate Envy 5530 Dashboard. Touch the ePrint service and then tap ePrint control switch ON/OFF. Touch Accept tab to agree on with the Terms of Use. Now follow on the screen instructions and when Auto-Update prompter appears then Touch Yes tab. Once completed the update you can try printing the Information Page. You can get the ePrint email address, ePrint status, Network status and Apps status from the print report.

Using 123 Envy 5530 Embedded Web Server to Update Web Services:

Open an Internet Browser and in the address bar type in the Printer IP Address to open Envy 5530 EWS page. Enable the Web Service frame and try locating the Web Services settings area. Click ePrint Install button and follow on the screen display. Click Yes to comply on with the terms of usage. if software update is prompted on the screen then Click Yes button. Now try to restart your 123.hp.com/envy5530 printer and then enable the ePrint service.

123 HP Envy 5530 Driver Firmware Installation on Windows:

Access start menu and Click Envy 5530 software from the displayed list. Click Print and Scan list down and trace the print section. Click the option Connect your Printer to the Web Network. Follow on the screen instructions and then promptly give a network name to your Envy 5530 Wireless Network. Click Next and then create a password and to complete the Driver Installation. Now you can print the Information page and get the Wireless connection details.

123 Envy 5530 Driver Firmware Installation on Macintosh:

Open Utilities folder and then run the Envy 5530 program. Click Print & Scan menu and then go to print section to find the option Connect printer and the Web Network and then Click it. Follow on the screen display and promptly designate a network name to the envy Wireless Network. Click Next button and then give a password. Click Yes to confirm. Click Next and then go ahead and create a printer setup shortcut icon for easy printing at optimal quality. Click either of the options Print Using or Use template and then select Envy 5530 as first priority or else create a printer setup name. Now Click Properties/Print options and then assign values for various printer setup on the Print Dialog frame. Click Apply button and end the Driver Installation process.