HP Envy 5530 Airprinter Setup

HP Envy 5530 Airprinter setupApple AirPrint is a mobile printing solution present in iOS devices. It helps you to print wirelessly from your iPod, iPad or iPhone using an HP ePrint enabled printer like HP envy 5530 Printer.To use the AirPrint, your Apple device and the HP Envy 5530 printers must be connected to the same wireless network.Apple AirPrint is supported by Apple devices with iOS 4.2 or later. Many Apple apps such as Safari, iWorks, mail etc that are available in the App Store support AirPrint.

HP Envy 5530 Airprinter setup

Steps to Enable Airprint Setup in HP Envy 5530 Printer

  • Download the mobile eprint app in your iPhone or iPad or Install the software or driver
  • Make sure your printer and your Apple device like the iPhone, are connected to the same wireless network. Download Apple AirPrint on your Apple device from the app store.
  • Make note of your wireless Network name SSID (Service Set Identifier) and Password. These credentials are important for connecting your printer and the Apple device to your wireless network.
  • Go to the Printer Option in the AirPrint app of your apple device and search for your network name.
  • Select your network and tap on Print to print your document using HP Envy 5530 Airprinter setup

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